Expanding our print in Jersey & Guernsey

Offering lots of method of printing & various printing techniques can get confusing for customers as they are rarely sure of what they need for their job. We strive to offer as many options as possible so here’s what we do…


Screen-printing is by far the most cost effective and the quickest method of printing for large quantities. Screen-printing enables us to print big numbers quickly therefore being cost effective.

The process of screen-printing dates back to China in 1279 AD. It uses silk that is stretched across a frame then coated with a light sensitive emulsion. This sits in the dark to dry. Then the design is printed in solid black onto a clear transparency. This is then placed on the screen and light is directed at it in our exposure unit.

Once this is complete the screen is pressure washed. This washes out the areas of the design that weren’t hit by the light (the areas of black). We then use this screen to push ink through with a squeegee. The ink only comes through those areas of the design on to the t-shirt or whatever you are printing.

Sounds kinda complicated but screen-printing is an amazing method of printing. We can output around 250 garments an hour manually on one press. We are still the only full screen-printing studio in the Channel Islands.

Vinyl printing

Vinyl is the perfect method of printing for small runs, sportswear & more basic artwork. It uses vectors and reads the lines we create to cut the paths out of the vinyl.

First we design, draw or create the logo. This is then output using Adobe Illustrator. We choose the colour of vinyl we want to use and these is inserted in the cutter. The cutter then reads the paths from the file and cuts the design from the vinyl.

Once cut the vinyl needs to be manually weeded. This involves removing the excess vinyl that isn’t needed for the design. Once weeded it is pressed onto the t-shirt, hoodie, bag etc using a heatpress. Vinyl printing is ideal for sportswear, football numbers, small runs, one offs and basic designs.

Digital printing

Digital printing has come a long way since the iron on graphics you used to do in your bedroom. There is now endless options for materials, printers, inks and so on.

We recently invested in a white toner printer which gives excellent results. For this printer alone there is 40 different variations of paper and over 100 different printing presets.

Digital printing allows full colour printing in short runs. Depending on the paper used will depend on the result of the printing and this is all determined by the garment styles, material, colour and the result needed.

This is a super versatile method of printing and the suppliers we work with are constantly coming out with new papers, techniques and materials.


Thats our 3 main printing methods. For more info or if you would like to pop in and tale a look just let us know. 

Screen-printing in jersey for charities